Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tanzania car loans, Mikopo ya magari- KCB bank

The KCB Personal Loan gives you quick and convenient access to cash that you will need for school fees, a car, medical bills, home improvement and renovations, purchase of furniture, appliances, farm inputs or perhaps you just need it for that holiday you've always wanted. The loan awarded is dependent on your repayment ability and competitive interest rates apply. We also offer you flexible repayment schedules. To apply you require having a well managed account with KCB for at least 6 months.
Contact or  visit your nearest KCB Branch for more inform

Mwanza Auto dealers, Mwanza used cars for sale- Zoom Tanzania cars

Mwanza Auto dealers, Mwanza used cars for sale- 

Mwanza Auto dealers, autozon ltd, is the only dealers who make thinks easyer for buyers, with uptade inventory stock each week, you are guarantee a fresh Vehicles, direct import from Japan – for Mwanza residents and anyone who wish to visit our auto showroom live or online at dar auto

Tanzania used cars for sale - Yuasa Trading | Dar Auto Guide

Dar Auto Guide's singular focus is to make car shopping easier. We do that by offering comprehensive reviews of over 1,000 new and used vehicles, detailed pricing, safety information, and expert buying advice. Still, scanning through hundreds of reviews, sorting out option packages, and haggling for the best price is a daunting task for even the most diligent buyer.
That's why our vehicle class buying guides will give you a concentrated dose of car shopping advice specific to whatever vehicle class you're shopping for

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