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Tanzania car loans, Mikopo ya magari- KCB bank

The KCB Personal Loan gives you quick and convenient access to cash that you will need for school fees, a car, medical bills, home improvement and renovations, purchase of furniture, appliances, farm inputs or perhaps you just need it for that holiday you've always wanted. The loan awarded is dependent on your repayment ability and competitive interest rates apply. We also offer you flexible repayment schedules. To apply you require having a well managed account with KCB for at least 6 months.
Contact or  visit your nearest KCB Branch for more inform

Mikopo ya magari: Tanzania car loan at Stanbic Bank, Zoom Tanzania

Mikopo ya magari: Tanzania car loan at Stanbic Bank,
Types of Loans financed
We offer options of finance for new and used* as well as imported. The broad categories of assets financed through our schemes include:
  • Passengers, commercial and personal vehicles
  • Capital equipment including plants and machinery, mining equipments, printing and press machinery and professional equipments. 
  • Medical and specialized healthcare equipments
  • Construction and Earth Moving equipments
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Specialized Finance for Aircraft and marine vessels  
Assets must sourced from a reputable supplier, preferably from the panel of approved Bank suppliers**. Proof of capability for after sales support and maintenance is of essence for the sought asset to be financed
Who can apply
You can apply for Vehicle and Asset Finance provided you:
  • are 18 years or older;
  • are a Tanzanian citizen or permanent resident with an identity book;
  • have a transactional account (with Stanbic Bank or another bank) into which your salary is deposited or have a bank statement for a period of more than six months, but you are ready to open an account with Stanbic bank and route all proceed through us
·         Tel: +255 (22) 266 6850
        +255 (22) 266 6801

Mwanza Auto dealers, Mwanza used cars for sale- Zoom Tanzania cars

Mwanza Auto dealers, Mwanza used cars for sale- 

Mwanza Auto dealers, autozon ltd, is the only dealers who make thinks easyer for buyers, with uptade inventory stock each week, you are guarantee a fresh Vehicles, direct import from Japan – for Mwanza residents and anyone who wish to visit our auto showroom live or online at dar auto

Morogoro used cars dealers – vehicles , supplies, auto parts | Dar Auto Guide

Morogoro used cars dealers – vehicles , supplies, auto parts | Dar Auto Guide

 The most daring thing to do is to trust yourself, At morogoro used cars dealership, things are different, customers are given an opportunity to test drive the vehicles before buying . once the car is sold, Morogoro auto dealer, give buyer and option of 50% off the supplies, and spare part for one year, find out more at dar auto

Tanzania used vehicles- for sale below price.-Dar Auto Guide

Tanzania used vehicles, automotive, automobiles, spare parts, supplies, and cars for sale under value, Find list of used imported cars below price. At dar auto

tanzania investment bank-tanzania investment- Zoom Tanzania

tanzania investment bank-tanzania investment-

Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) is the primary agency of Government to coordinate, encourage, promote and facilitate investment in Tanzania and to advise the Government on investment related matters.
TIC is the focal point for investors. It is the first point of call for potential investors; it is a “one stop facilitative centre for all investors”.

Tanzania Investment Centre: Address Dar es salaam | Mitaa Yetu
Shaaban Robert Street
P.O. Box 938
Dar es Salaam
Tel: (+255)-22-2116328 - 32
Fax: (+255)-22-2118253